Accident Avoidance Programs Can Lower a Fleet’s Liability Cost-ImpacMotor vehicle crashes cost employers billions of dollars annually in medical costs, legal expenditure, property damage, and lost productivity. Industry vehicle accidents amount to approximately 6.5 percent of all crash injuries. Research shows that 94 percent of those accidents are due to human error.

Companies investing in a company-wide motor vehicle safety program has been proven to reduce their fleets’ liability and exposure to these crashes through prevalent education and precautionary measures.  

Protecting employees and assets from vehicle accidents can be a profitable investment, ultimately saving lives and reducing unnecessary company costs. Approximately, for every dollar spend on improving driver safety and implementing a well-designed safety agenda, the return-on-investment can be as much as three dollars earned for the company. Safety programs are an adjunct to help reduce health care expenses without minimizing employee benefits.

Well-informed employers understand employees are crucial to the success of their business. Portraying commitment to protecting the safety and welfare of workers can directly improve employee satisfaction and retention, resulting in unforeseen benefits for the business.  

Accident Avoidance Programs Can Lower a Fleet’s Liability Cost-Impac

To maximize results from an accident avoidance program, it is important to ensure the participation of all employees within a fleet-based company. Offering ongoing employee training could be advantageous to a business owner or fleet manager to remind their drivers that safety is not a part time job.

Decreasing a fleet’s liability cost is a main objective for a fleet-based company, but so is increasing savings on overbearing fuel costs. Impac’s fuel cards offer companies expense management solutions for commercial and governmental fleets of all sizes.

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