impac has partnerships with affiliates to provide more cost effective and efficient solutions to clients.
Impac Fleet association ESC19-web



ESC-Region 19 Purchasing (Allied States Cooperative) has awarded impac as sole awardee the Fleet Fuel Contract 13-6944.

No matter what type of Government Entity, you can start using this Fleet Fuel Contract immediately with no bidding necessary!

Impac Fleet association HCDE



Choice Partners have awarded impac an HCDE contract to help better serve fleet clients.

Impac Fleet association R3--Impac-Fleet-web


Region 3 Education Service Center helps provide products, services, and solutions to school districts through collaboration with entities like impac.

Impac Fleet Associations Ohio-Contractors-web


The Ohio Contractors Association provides support, unity and leadership to the heavy highway and utility industry in Ohio for the success of its membership.