Mobile Fueling Explained- Impac

Mobile Fueling Explained

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Mobile Fueling Explained- ImpacFleet fueling is the management method a company uses to fuel their fleet of trucks and cargo. The most common fleet fueling methods include fleet fuel cards, mobile fueling, on-site bulk fuel tanks, cash, and generic credit cards.

Mobile fueling, also known as wet-hose fueling, occurs when a fuel truck comes to a truck yard and individually replenishes each truck with fuel. In terms of money and time, mobile fueling is a more economical option opposed to off-site fueling.

Mobile fueling has been used in many areas for decades. Previously, this method was only done for off-road vehicles; now, its conducted in various areas like farms, logging operations, and construction sites.

Mobile Fueling Explained- Impac

For companies who drive local routes and return to the truck yard daily, mobile fueling is a prevalent choice. This method of fleet fueling offers the opportunity for supply, service and risk management through real-time transaction data and fixed price fuel hedging solutions. The convenience associated with this method is also highly reputable. Mobile fueling distributors have the ability to service a company’s fleet overnight or whenever they are not in use. This flexibility allows ample time to resolve potential equipment issues the fleet manager may encounter.

Through wet-hose fueling, storing fuel on company grounds is no longer needed, eliminating environmental and safety concerns. In addition to these positive advantages, mobile fueling can provide a fleet-based company with a superior amount of savings on their fuel expenses. Wet hosing is a cost-effective method of fleet fueling for large fleets of trucks that more commercial businesses are incorporating into their fueling practices.

Unsure what fleet fueling method is most beneficial for your organization? Impac can help. Impac’s fleet fuel card program offers the most comprehensive tracking and reporting system in the industry today, guaranteed to save big on your fuel expenses. Contact us today to get started.  


Fleet Card Advantages-Impac

Fleet Card Advantages

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Fleet Card Advantages-Imapc In today’s competitive marketplace, identifying ways to reduce expenses and maximize productivity are crucial components of a business’ success. For many companies, fuel can be one of the most overlooked expenses, however the use of fleet cards is becoming an effective solution to analyze this matter.

Fleet cards pose as management tools that allow business owners to control fuel expenses initiated by their employees. These credit cards’ capabilities can help a company with as few as two vehicles achieve a fair percent savings in fuel expenditures within the first year of implementation.

Fleet cards offer companies detailed reporting on a cardholder’s purchase history that a typical gas card does not provide. An automatic single invoice, e-receipt based, eliminates time wasted on organizing reimbursement checks. Additionally, the cards can reveal useful information about employees, like underperforming vehicles.

Fleet Card Advantages-Impac

Fleet cards can habilitate cost-control restrictions, imposed by a business owner, resulting in fuel theft control and the prevention of unauthorized behavior. A set of restrictions can be unique to each driver and any questionable activity, such as purchasing after-hours, can be addressed or rectified immediately.

Fleet cards also offer employee support to ensure drivers are not expected to use their own money for work expenses, reducing the worries associated with tracking receipts and reimbursements – ultimately, liberating smoother operations for the business.

Impac provides the most comprehensive tracking and reporting fleet card program in the industry today. Our cards are tailored to meet a company’s specific needs, aiding them in tax exemption, discount processing, online system access, and card level purchase controls.

Contact Impac today to further discuss the advantages of fleet cards and how our program can be of benefit to your organization.



Fleet Fueling Explained

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Fleet fueling is the management method a company uses to fuel their fleet of trucks and cargo. The most common fleet fueling methods include fleet fuel cards, mobile fueling, on-site bulk fuel tanks, cash, and generic credit cards.

Within a fleet-based company, for every dollar earned, approximately 95.2 cents are spent on operating costs. Since the margin of costs versus profits is thin, fleet companies attempt to save money in any area they can, especially within fuel expenses.

Membership to a fleet fuel card can generate annual savings for carriers of any size. Beyond saving money on fuel purchases, a fuel card offers spending control, fleet management, enhanced company communication, fraud control, and savings on other services, like maintenance.

With fleet fuel cards, per-gallon fuel discounts are negotiated between a merchant and a fuel card company, and with each fuel purchase, the fuel card company will reimburse the calculated savings in a consolidated invoice via mail or e-receipt.


Although not every company utilizes fleet fuel cards, more businesses than ever are beginning to use them to easier manage and regulate their fuel expenses. Credit cards are still accepted at the pumps by fleet-based companies, however many benefits, like that of a fleet fuel card, are voided, such as discounts and identifiable fuel theft incidents.

Depending on the size and geographical location of a trucking company, different fleet fueling methods might work more efficiently than others. For example, fleet fuel cards work well for all types of commercial companies, big or small; mobile fueling works best for companies that have local routes; on-site bulk fuel tanks work best for large trucking companies; and using cash or credit cards work best for small trucking companies.

Simplify your fueling on a nationwide basis with Impac

Impac offers strong fuel savings with our options of fleet fuel cards that contain the right blend of discounts and flexibility for a comprehensive fleet and maintenance solution. Contact us today to get started.

City of Houston SBE Impac Fleet Fuel Card

Fleetcard, Inc DBA Impac Fleet Announces City of Houston SBE Certification Approval

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Fleetcard, Inc. DBA Impac Fleet is proud to announce their approval into the City of Houston’s Small Business Enterprise Certification (SBE) Program.Impac Fleet Certification SBE-web

The SBE of Houston is dedicated to promoting the growth and success of small businesses who claim a significant presence in the Harris, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Montgomery, Waller, Austin or San Jacinto counties.

Impac is a single-source provider of expense management solutions for commercial and governmental fleets of all sizes. The company is committed to offering the most comprehensive tracking and reporting system in the industry–aimed to improve overall fuel strategies and cost-savings.

With this added certification, Impac strives to advance innovation and growth opportunities within affiliate businesses who aspire to expand interests in working in diverse markets.

Impac Fleet association ESC19-web

Impac Fleet Fuel Contract Renewed

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ESC-Region 19 Purchasing (Allied States Cooperative) has awarded impac as sole awardee the Fleet Fuel Contract 13-6944. 

No matter what type of Government Entity, you can start using this Fleet Fuel Contract immediately with no bidding necessary!

About Region 19 – ASC

The ESC-Region 19 Purchasing (Allied States Cooperative) is a national governmental purchasing cooperative which competitively bids and awards contracts to local, regional, and national vendors in compliance with local, state, and federal procurement laws and regulations.

The ESC-Region 19 Purchasing (Allied States Cooperative) contracts are available to public schools, charter schools, private schools, community colleges, universities, cities, counties, other governmental agencies, and non-profits.

No fees are charged to the ESC-Region 19 Purchasing (Allied States Cooperative) members. As a member, your entity deals directly with the vendor who can provide the goods and/or services you may require. The savings for members are realized through dealing with vendors who have been evaluated and verified to provide a quality product or service at a competitively bid price in compliance with bidding requirements.