Safe, Distraction-Free Entertainment for Fleet Drivers on the Road-Impac Fleet

Safe, Distraction-Free Entertainment for Fleet Drivers on the Road

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For fleet drivers riding solo when traveling, boredom can become a minor setback–eventually leading to drowsiness. 

Because the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration suggests fatigue to be the cause of over 20,000 fleet accidents per year, it is important for fleet drivers to find safe and distraction-free methods to stay entertained and focused while on the road.


Smartphones provide limitless entertainment opportunities for drivers on the road, like Pandora or Spotify to listen to music. In addition, Voice Text Pro can be used to safety drive and text or write novels, and audio book apps can help drivers stay occupied while driving. 


Fleet drivers sometimes travel vast distances. When stopping to refuel or grab a bite to eat, pick up a small souvenir from each new location to remember each destination when traveling. 


According to the National Institute of Health, more than half of fleet drivers are obese. In order for drivers to maintain a healthy weight, staying active is important. Every time a driver stops for fuel or decides to pull over at a rest stop, hike a simple trail and conduct leg stretches to rejuvenate the body and mind.


Many fleet drivers enjoy utilizing the solitude of driving for a time of self-reflection. Not only can drivers have ample time to reflect on their life, but it’s a great method to keep their minds occupied and help pass time. 

Safe, Distraction-Free Entertainment for Fleet Drivers on the Road-Impac Fleet

There are many ways for drivers to stay entertained on the road while remaining distraction-free. To help fleet managers ensure their drivers are performing safe, compliant behavior, Impac offers a comprehensive fleet fuel card program and a robust GPS tracking and reporting system–aimed to optimize all fleet operations.

To learn more about how our systems can provide improved safety to your fleet, contact Impac today.

How Universal Fleet Cards Can Reduce Costs-Impac

How Universal Fleet Cards Can Reduce Costs

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Although there are many fleet fuel cards to choose from, universal cards offer many benefits for fleet businesses within the industry. 

How Universal Fleet Cards Can Reduce Costs-Impac

Price fuels vary by gas station. However, possessing the knowledge about which stations offer the best prices and directing drivers to fuel at those fuel locations can lower overall operational costs. Universal fleet cards offer minimal brand restriction–providing consistent savings by shopping across brands.

Universal fleet cards can save significant both driver and managers time. Cardholders can conveniently fuel anywhere, without having to expend time trying to search for a specific retailer. Therefore, it is important to evaluate discount networks and ensure fuel locations along driver routes. 

By allowing drivers to fuel at the most competitively priced locations, universal fleet card programs can bring cost savings not typically found in other fleet card platforms that have limited or brand specific fuel options. 

Impac offers easy-to-use universal fleet fuel cards that can be used at almost any retail site across the country. With 98% of all stations accepting our fleet cards, drivers can better focus on their main job while saving the company money. 

Impac utilizes the industry’s most robust and user-friendly fleet management tools through a secure, web-based online portal. In addition, Impac’s fleet card program sends fleet managers automated instant alerts via texts or email that provide real-time insight of driver activity and behavior. 

With universal fleet cards, the possibilities are endless. Contact Impac today. 

To read more about our universal fleet cards, view our universal card page.

How is the Fleet Industry Changing in the New Year?-Impac

How is the Fleet Industry Changing in the New Year?

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How is the Fleet Industry Changing in the New Year?-Impac

The fleet industry is constantly changing and transforming. While there is a continued emphasis on safety, the development of big data and an increased utilization of telematics, it is only the beginning of what is to come throughout the new year. 

Through thorough research, current fleet practices are evaluated, and the future of the industry is predicted accordingly. Therefore, it is important fleet owners and managers remain up-to-date with industry changes during the new year. 

The Mobility Revolution  

Many fleet companies express interest in concepts of mobility, such as underutilizing a portion of their vehicles each day for value and economic reasoning. Autonomous vehicles provide a safer and more productive workforce and enable a number of new options for fleets within the industry. 

How is the Fleet Industry Changing in the New Year?-Impac

During the new year, once more drivers become mobile, fleet managers need to listen to their drivers, gather feedback and plan a route for a successful fleet. 

Handling Big Data

As the amount of data available to fleet managers continues to grow due to the abundance of greater technology, fleets are now tasked with the challenge of applying the actionable data to their operations. 

During the new year, it is how fleets handle their big data and direct the data to the appropriate figures in a fleet operation that will determine the strength of that specific company within the industry. 

Safety is the Future

How is the Fleet Industry Changing in the New Year?-Impac

While in-vehicle technology exists, the future of fleet safety in the new year is heavily dependent on the continued development of technology. Telematics is most effective in reducing accidents and recovering real-time fleet data. However, it is important to appropriately implement and utilize the numbers it provides. 

As technology persists to evolve, continued driver education is key to preventing dangerous driving behaviors and creating a greater focus on safety. 

Impac offers both fleet fuel cards and comprehensive GPS tracking and reporting systems–allowing fleet companies to remain up-to-date with changing practices and trends within the industry throughout the new year.

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Staying Competitive: GPS Tracking & Reporting Systems - Impac

Staying Competitive: GPS Tracking & Reporting Systems

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For managing a fleet of any size, transparency has become a critical component to achieve fleet success and remain competitive within the market while utilizing the most prestige technology.

With GPS tracking and reporting systems in place, fleet management has the ability to increase visibility into their drivers and fleets while promoting enhanced customer service and safe driver behavior.

Increase Visibility. As GPS systems offer the ability to see the live location of a fleet truck as well as various aspects of driver behavior, a fleet manager can track efficiency, plan routes, and maintain transparency with customers.

Encourage Safety. GPS tracking provides detailed insight into driver behavior, including customizable alerts and violations for harsh breaking, excessive idling, cornering, and acceleration. This insight allows fleet managers to grasp in-depth knowledge about their drivers and proactively managers behaviors through predictive analysis.

Optimize Analytics for Routes. Tracking and reporting systems can provide fleet managers with robust data on route challenges, traffic behavior, driver behaviors and overall route planning. Companies can use this data to plan optimized driving routes and determine where plans need improvement.

GPS systems not only allow a fleet company to best service its customers, but it gives them a competitive edge against its competitors that is extremely valuable in the long run.

Impac offers a cost-effective GPS tracking solution that helps manage critical mobile resources such as vehicles, movable assets and employees–ultimately increasing efficiencies and cutting costs.

Reliable, feature-rich and easy-to-use, the DYNAGIS-GPS tracking and reporting system from Impac offers real-time tracking for both in-vehicle hardware as well as handheld devices of all kinds. At Impac, we strive a complete system with an extensive selection of customizable reports.

To determine a GPS solution for your fleet, contact Impac today.

Why Impac’s Certifications & Affiliations Can Help Fleet Businesses-Impac

Why Impac’s Certifications & Affiliations Can Help Fleet Businesses

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While maintaining a professional image through a reliable fleet fuel card program within the fleet industry, Impac has notable partnerships with various affiliates and multiple vendor certifications to fulfill a variety of requirements and create solutions for fleet businesses. 

Why Impac’s Certifications & Affiliations Can Help Fleet Businesses-Impac

Impac is partnered with the Choice Partners organization, The Ohio Contractors Association, the Region 3 Education Service Center, and ESC-Region 19 Purchasing. Consistently maintaining these partnerships, Impac strives to provide a more cost effective and efficient solution for fleets within the industry. 

Impac has currently earned recognizable certifications with The Small Business Enterprise Program (SBE), The Historically Underutilized Business Program (HUB), and The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) with an emphasis on the Woman Owned Small Business Program (WOSB). 

While withholding these certificates from multiple minority vendors, Impac strives to fulfill a variety of requirements and desires for clients across the sector. 

Impac Fleet Certification SBE-web

By partnering with a company, like Impac, who possesses such certificates, fleet companies can maximize growth opportunities, promote innovation, gain financial incentives, increase project opportunities, and portray a positive interest in working in diverse markets.  

To learn more about Impac’s certifications and affiliations and how they can aid your fleet business, contact our professionals today.

View the affiliations and certifications sections of our website. 

Are Fleet Fuel Cards Worth It-Impac

Are Fleet Fuel Cards Worth It?

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Are fleet fuel cards worth it?

Within the fleet industry, each fleet company is unique in business efficiencies and operations. However, many are alike in the fact that the significant question at-hand is pondered at least a few times throughout the duration of business practices.  

Both fleet fuel cards and bank-issued credit cards offer fleet managers the ability to track and set controls on their fuel expenses. But the similarities cease there.

Although tried and true, bank-issued credit cards do not offer the ability for fleet managers to distinguish an itemized list of purchased products from a location–allowing fleet drivers to abuse or misuse their cards for unauthorized purchases. 

To avoid this, fleet managers could set their purchase controls to “island reader only”, which shuts out stations that do not offer pay-at-the-pump service. However, this results in a set of new problems and excludes drivers from making acceptable purchases. 

On the other hand, fleet fuel cards provide a more in-depth range of transaction data, greater flexibility, and tighter controls than bank-issued credit cards. 

These cards allow fleet managers to customize card controls on dollar-spend at the transaction level, including limits on daily and weekly dollar amount limits, fuel quantity, and time frame of purchase. 

Fleet fuel cards provide instant alerts of suspicious behavior and easy-to-read reports for managers to wish to review their business expenses in full and take immediate action.

Are Fleet Fuel Cards Worth It-Impac

 These cards are fuel specific, while bank-issued credit cards open up the fleet to any merchandise that may be available at a certain retail channel.A

Impac offers the most comprehensive tracking and reporting system in the industry through an innovative fleet fuel card program. Our flexible point of sale prompting, card level exception reporting, purchase control parameters and innovative reporting products allow fleet managers to manage their fuel programs with ease.

If you’re still unsure if fleet fuel cards are worth it for your fleet business, contact Impac today to speak with a professional. A

More Than Numbers: How to Effectively Use Telematics Data-Impac

More Than Numbers: How to Effectively Use Telematics Data

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More Than Numbers: How to Effectively Use Telematics Data-ImpacDue to fluctuating fuel costs in the market today, fleet companies are constantly seeking innovative methods to reduce fuel expenses while improving overall business operations. Telematics data has become a popular way for fleet companies to improve and impact their bottom line.

Fleet telematics not only tracks and reports driver behaviors, but they can be a useful tool in identifying fuel efficiency opportunities within a business.

However, in some cases, the raw data alone may not enough to reveal issues or identify areas of improvement–thorough analysis of several influencing factors can uncover a fleet’s true fuel patterns. For the end user, efficient usage of the data will pay off.

Driving patterns.  Although fleet managers use their data to primarily monitor and manage driver behavior, they should also be using it to improve fuel economy. Compiling this data will reveal which specific vehicles and drivers burn the most fuel.

Vehicle maintenance. Regular maintenance is an often underestimated way to improve fuel efficiency. Effectively used, fleet telematics can be set up to alert managers when certain maintenance needs to be performed to their trucks.More Than Numbers: How to Effectively Use Telematics Data-Impac

Staff involvement. To achieve vast efficiency, involving fleet staff with telematics analytics will address concerns and behaviors as a early as possible, which will encourage proactive resolution.

Best routes. With telematics, managers can see the real-time location of vehicles and drivers. Using this data allows managers to assign the most direct routes to the closest drivers–saving time and fuel.

There are a multitude of ways optimize telematics data, and if used effectively, can prove to promote sustainability within a fleet.

Impac offers the most comprehensive tracking and reporting system in the industry today through their fleet fuel card programs and GPS systems. At Impac, our fleet professionals strive to assist companies with effectively using their telematics data to promote continuous business growth and generate accelerating profits.

Contact us today.

Defeat Fuel Theft: Fuel Cards & Tracking Systems-Impac

Defeat Fuel Theft: Fuel Cards & Tracking Systems

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Defeat Fuel Theft: Fuel Cards & Tracking Systems-Impac A rising and recurring issue with fleets has been fuel theft.

Fuel theft can cost fleet companies significant amounts of money. However, fleet companies can become educated and aware of the fuel theft efforts that may occur within their operations to prevent such costs.

The three components that fall under the fuel theft umbrella include misuse, slippage and theft; misuse is when employees use company resources for personal gain, like fueling a personal vehicle with the company’s money; slippage is when an employee uses company dollars to purchase non-fuel items, like food; and theft is perpetrated by a third-party and may include stolen or skimmed card data.

Although the three forms vary from company to company, all equate to overall fuel theft.

Regular monitoring of employee actions through enhanced technology have helped detect and eliminate situations of fraud for fleets.

Fleet fuel cards present fleet companies with an innovative and easy approach to identify unauthorized employee behavior. A fleet owner or operator has the ability to set customized restrictions unique to each driver–including types of purchases, how much money that can be spent per day and where drivers can make purchases.

Defeat Fuel Theft: Fuel Cards & Tracking Systems-Impac

Along with instantaneous alerts, fleet card systems provide detailed reports that outline the specifics of each purchase made by cardholders. Due to the accuracy and reliability of the system, the administrative task of matching and organizing reimbursement checks is therefore neglected–ultimately saving the company wasted time.

In addition to utilizing fuel cards to conquer fraud, GPS tracking and reporting systems can show real-time employee location and has the potential to reveal important information, like underperforming vehicles or poor habits of drivers. This information can be used to track down the employees who may be responsible for such behavior and alter the issue almost immediately.

Contact Impac for a comprehensive solution to fleet fuel theft through fleet fuel cards and GPS tracking and reporting systems.