Optimize Fuel Cost Savings-Impac

Steps to Immediately Optimize Fuel-Cost Savings

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Optimize Fuel Cost Savings-Impac Although the cost of fuel is non-negotiable for fleet owners and operators, there are methods available to immediately optimize cost savings from the impact of volatile fuel prices.

Here are five methods that will result in immediate fuel-cost savings if practiced effectively:  

Promote conservative driving habits – Aggressive driving–such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking–has the ability to lower fuel economy on both highway and city streets. Fleet owners can save fuel by holding drivers accountable to observe speed limits and avoid harsh stop-and-go driving.   

 Maintain optimal tire pressure – Keeping tires inflated to the proper pressures can help improve fuel economy within fleets.  To understand the proper tire pressure for a vehicle, reference the owner’s manual.

 Utilize cruise control – Consistent speeds save fuel. On highways, instruct fleet drivers to utilize cruise control settings within their vehicle to improve overall fuel economy.

Plan efficient routes – Route planning not only helps minimize route miles but helps fuel consumption. Fleet operations should thoroughly plan their routes prior to hitting the road.

Implement fuel fleet cards – Fleet fuel cards can help detect driver idling, fuel theft, and after-hours fueling. These cards can reveal detailed reports of unauthorized driver activity and may result in payroll cuts–ultimately saving money.

Impac offers an innovative, comprehensive fleet solution to companies within the fleet industry. At Impac, we strive to provide a flexible fleet fuel card program aimed to expand overall fuel-cost savings. In addition, our team diligently works to investigate suspicious behavior amongst fleet drivers and offer consulting services to better optimize savings.

To ensure immediate fuel-cost savings, it is vital to work with a company who understands the ins and outs of the fleet industry. Impac is capable of handling all that is required of a single-source fleet card provider. Call us today to start saving.

When is a fleet card right for your business-Impac

When is a Fleet Card Right for Your Business?

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When is a fleet card right for your business-Impac Today, business owners are constantly seeking new ways to cut costs within their everyday expenses. Through its many advantages, fleet fuel cards can help company fleets of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the industry–from delivery to florists–fleet fuel cards are proven to smooth overall business operations.

So, how does a business know when a fleet card is right for their operations?

If a business utilizes multiple vehicles for daily operations, spends size-able amounts of time sorting receipts and issuing reimbursement checks, and needs a better way to control driver purchases, implementing a fleet fuel card program would be highly beneficial.

When is a fleet card right for your business-Impac

Fleet fuel cards allow businesses the opportunity for improved management of their fleets by accessing detailed reports, methods of fleet tracking, and control parameters. Fuel fleet cards can restrict driver payments to gas, repairs, and maintenance–ultimately saving the business a substantial amount of money in the long-run.

While managing a fleet is a complex industry and human error is easily feasible, fuel card programs can save a business’ time because skimming through receipts would no longer be necessary. The modernized tracking and reporting technology embedded within fleet fuel card programs eliminate the guesswork of employee integrity–allowing managers to make prompt decisions.

When is a fleet card right for your business-Impac

In conclusion, a fleet fuel card program fits seamlessly with every business involving fleets.

Impac offers a comprehensive, innovative fleet fuel card program aimed to serve and assist all industries. At Impac, our customized fleet fuel cards are precise and convenient through the acceptance at more than 240,000 major and regional fuel and maintenance locations in the country. Our program is designed around the need for a single-source provider for all card insurance, billing, payment and customer service.

Call Impac to discuss why your business needs a fleet fuel card program today.


The Benefits Of Geofencing-Impac

The Benefits of Geofencing

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The Benefits Of Geofencing-Impac A geofence is considered to be virtual boundary that defines a specified area and route on a map. Geofencing is one of the modern and progressive technologies aimed to simplify and improve fleet management.

When geofencing is utilized as a form of fleet GPS tracking, a number of benefits are provided for users and managers within the industry.

Fuel Theft Prevention – Geofencing provides in-depth insight into fleet operations–allowing managers to identify and prevent fuel theft. If a truck exits a geofence during a time period, managers take quickly act.

Proper Use of Assets – Geofencing helps fleet managers detect unauthorized idling and the usage of diverse routes of their fleets. Ensuring proper asset use helps fleet companies save money.

Greater Safety – With access to real-time locations of fleets and assets, emergencies can be monitored effectively and immediately be located in case action must be taken.  

The Benefits Of Geofencing-Impac

Increased Efficiency – Geofencing allows fleet managers to verify their drivers are following optimized routes and spending their time wisely–ultimately saving the entire company wasted time and money. In addition, geofencing improves driver-to-manager communication through automatic alerts.

Influences Improvement – Over time, geofencing can accumulate valuable data–such as driver performance trends–that can be used to improve the fleet company in the future.

Impac’s DYNAGIS-GPS tracking and reporting solutions provide a web-based software that offers real-time GPS tracking for fleets anywhere in the world during all hours of the day. The innovative, reliable tracking system offers customizable alarms and alerts via email or text when a truck enters or leaves a specific geographical area.

With an extensive selection of reports available, the DYNAGIS-GPA is aimed to increase industry efficiencies and cut labor expenses. Contact Impac today to learn how our GPS system can benefit your organization!


How To Prevent Fraud At The Pump-Impac

How to Prevent Fraud at the Pump

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How To Prevent Fraud At The Pump-ImpacAs more fleet fueling businesses are utilizing fleet cards to cut overall fuel expenses and pave the way for smoother operations, the number of drivers who are committing fuel card fraud has increased drastically.

However, by practicing a variety of methods to prevent the fraud prior to its occurrence, it is possible to reduce the number of drivers committing this act:

Restrictions. With fuel cards, spending limits can be implemented to ensure the driver only spends money when they need to. To do this, fuel cards can be set to a daily limit or be pre-funded.

Education. Sometimes, educating drivers on the concept of fuel card fraud and the consequences associated may be helpful in reducing numbers. Not only could performing fraud cost them their job but it is also illegal.

PIN Numbers. If a personal identification number (PIN) is required prior to each fuel purchase, this could reduce the amount of fraud at the pump. In addition, if questionable activity occurs, the fleet manager can seek reports and will know who to talk to.

How To Prevent Fraud At The Pump-Impac

Trip Reports. Fleet managers typically know the fuel efficiency of their fleets. If the amount of money spent does not match the number of miles traveled, that may be a red flag for fuel card fraud. Also, it is important to notice how many times drivers stop within a certain distance.

Logs vs. Receipts. It is important to carefully examine all bills and statements and compare them to fuel receipts–ultimately ensuring all numbers match.

Impac’s fleet fuel card program offers the most comprehensive tracking and reporting system in the industry. We strive to be diligent and proactive when handling our clients’ fleet fuel cards. At Impac, our professionals carefully examine and review all logs and receipts to ensure potential red flags are caught and treated immediately–eliminating costly ramifications for the business.

Contact Impac to learn more about our options of fleet fuel cards and how our program can help your organization prevent fraud at the pump.

Accident Avoidance Programs Can Lower a Fleet’s Liability Cost-Impac

Accident Avoidance Programs Can Lower a Fleet’s Liability Cost

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Accident Avoidance Programs Can Lower a Fleet’s Liability Cost-ImpacMotor vehicle crashes cost employers billions of dollars annually in medical costs, legal expenditure, property damage, and lost productivity. Industry vehicle accidents amount to approximately 6.5 percent of all crash injuries. Research shows that 94 percent of those accidents are due to human error.

Companies investing in a company-wide motor vehicle safety program has been proven to reduce their fleets’ liability and exposure to these crashes through prevalent education and precautionary measures.  

Protecting employees and assets from vehicle accidents can be a profitable investment, ultimately saving lives and reducing unnecessary company costs. Approximately, for every dollar spend on improving driver safety and implementing a well-designed safety agenda, the return-on-investment can be as much as three dollars earned for the company. Safety programs are an adjunct to help reduce health care expenses without minimizing employee benefits.

Well-informed employers understand employees are crucial to the success of their business. Portraying commitment to protecting the safety and welfare of workers can directly improve employee satisfaction and retention, resulting in unforeseen benefits for the business.  

Accident Avoidance Programs Can Lower a Fleet’s Liability Cost-Impac

To maximize results from an accident avoidance program, it is important to ensure the participation of all employees within a fleet-based company. Offering ongoing employee training could be advantageous to a business owner or fleet manager to remind their drivers that safety is not a part time job.

Decreasing a fleet’s liability cost is a main objective for a fleet-based company, but so is increasing savings on overbearing fuel costs. Impac’s fuel cards offer companies expense management solutions for commercial and governmental fleets of all sizes.

Contact Impac today to learn more about the importance of accident avoidance programs and how our fleet fuel cards can deliver additional savings for your organization.

Fleet Card For Non-Fuel Purchases-Impac

Fleet Card For Non-Fuel Purchases

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Fleet Card For Non-Fuel Purchases-Impac Fleet fuel cards have become a powerful management tool that offer fleet-based companies the opportunity to control and manage fuel expenses instated by their employees. Unlike credit cards, fleet cards provide in-depth transaction data, and more granular purchasing controls to help minimize abuse and inappropriate spending.

While it is possible–and acceptable in some cases–to use fleet cards for non-fuel purchases, it is important for business owners to decide in advance how drivers should–and should not–use their cards to ensure time and money savings. Fleet card networks, like Impac, organize data by grouping like products separated by type, which a business owner has the ability to customize.

Firm rules take the employee guesswork out of fueling and help them stay informed on all proper guidelines, such as: what products or services can be bought with the card, spending limits, and the duration of hours in which the card can be used. Fleet managers must communicate rules and guidelines well to their employees to prevent confusion, avoiding unnecessary spending or fraud. Research shows that company costs can decrease significantly by simply informing drivers that there is open visibility to their purchases.

Fleet Card For Non-Fuel Purchases-Impac

Impac’s fleet fuel cards grant business owners and fleet managers easy access to summary reports of drivers’ buying habits to better identify odd spending patterns, reiterating the flexible nature of the card. Business owners can set a limit on our fleet cards for fuel purchases only–to disregard paying for every cup of coffee–or block purchases individually by the number of transactions in one day.

Impac combines exquisite customer service and unique card program solutions to create the perfect product for your company’s needs. Contact us today and learn more about our fleet fuel card programs.


The Best Method to Combat Fuel Theft-Impac

The Best Method to Combat Fuel Theft

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The Best Method to Combat Fuel Theft-Impac In the United States, trucking is a $130 billion industry—with the number one cost being fuel. Due to the high demand for this essential resource, fuel theft and fraud is a major threat in many fleet-based businesses; a problem that’s found on a global scale.

As a business owner or fleet manager, placing precautionary measures into everyday operations to detect questionable behavior and waive fuel theft will all-around protect the future of an organization. Although ensuring the safety of fuel is a complicated task, there are helpful tactics in examining the potential theft within a fleet; most involving the use of fleet cards.

Above all other options, the best method to combat fuel theft and prevent any detrimental loss in a company’s fleet profits is by using a fleet card. Fleet cards give businesses the ability to manage, limit and regulate fuel expenses performed by employees. In the long run, limits can increase overall savings in fuel expenditures upon fleet card implementation.

The Best Method to Combat Fuel Theft-Impac

Fleet cards offer an easier approach in investigating details on employee purchases. Since a cardholder’s activity outlines are available at a company’s discretion, it is nearly impossible for employees to manipulate the system. Fleet cards are designed to prevent unauthorized fuel purchases through the revision of recent transactions and the investigation of any details associated with business spending.

Impac is dedicated to offering a fleet card program driven to defeat fuel theft within every fleet in the industry. Impac is designed around the need for a single-source provider for all card issuance, billing, payment and customer service.

At Impac, the possibilities are endless. Contact us today to learn how our fleet fuel card program can combat fuel theft in your organization’s future. 


Can Tires Save Money-Impac

Can Tires (LRR) Save Money?

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Can Tires Save Money-ImpacThe range of rolling resistance is a considerable factor for tires used in fleet-based companies. Low-rolling resistance (LRR) is the minimum force required to keep a vehicle’s tire rolling at a given speed. Low-rolling resistance tires, also known as fuel-efficiency tires, have been emphasized to not only have a positive impact on the environment, but to save money and fuel.

Occasionally, enhanced technologies require performance trade-offs. Although low-rolling resistance tires can have less tread life than comparable types, lesser longevity can be compromised for fuel savings, which is a top priority for most companies in the industry.

Reduced tread depth creates more tire surface to maintain the weight of the tire supports, which causes the tire to bear less weight on the tread as it contacts the road. Because of this, low-rolling resistance tires have the ability to burn less fuel, therefore saving money. Light-loaded fleets traveling at higher speeds are considered to be the best candidates for LRR tires, and will experience increased fuel efficiency noticeably.

Can Tires Save Money-Impac

According to research, tires with low-rolling resistance deliver a 2 percent annual fuel savings, which results in an overall decrease of 8 percent cost of ownership compared to conventional tires, when the fuel savings are taken into account.

While the percent savings may seem minimal, it will add up in cost savings throughout the years for the company.

LRR tires are an investment that will pay themselves back over time. Want to rack up more fuel savings immediately? An Impac fuel card is designed to help fleet-based companies save on fuel expenses right away, creating a complete and comprehensive fuel and maintenance fleet solution.

Contact Impac today to discuss our options of fleet fuel cards and how they are able to help your organization save on fuel costs.