To help minimize unauthorized fuel spend or fraud and optimize overall business operations, many fleet fuel cards offer a variety of purchase controls to restrict and limit the fueling process.

To ensure a true customized solution, it is important to set the restrictions and controls of the fleet fuel cards that are ideal for the drivers and vehicles that make up a specific fleet. 

4 Purchase Controls Fleet Fuel Cards Offer-Impac

1. Customization by Driver – If all drivers and vehicles within a fleet have similar day-to-day needs, it would be ideal to create one card restriction template to implement for all cards. However, if drivers have different schedules or tasks, it is wise to customize the purchase controls on the fleet fuel cards to be compatible with that specific driver. 

2. Time of Day – Fleet managers can have their fleet fuel cards set to only to be used during a certain time period throughout the day. Therefore, if a driver tries to use the card against the set restriction, the unauthorized behavior will be alerted to the manager. 

4 Purchase Controls Fleet Fuel Cards Offer-Impac

3. Location – Fleet fuel cards can be strict on the fueling locations of truck drivers. With customized limits and restrictions, fleet managers can analyze the routes that their trucks will be driving and ensure they remain within those specific boundaries.  

4. Amount – In regards to limits, is important to consider how much fuel each vehicle uses. Some larger trucks may drive longer distances and require higher daily limits than those of smaller trucks. In addition, consider how many transactions per day a vehicle requires.

The purchase controls utilized on fleet fuel cards should reflect the uniqueness of a business. Impac’s fleet fuel card program offers the most comprehensive tracking and reporting system in the industry today–designed around the need for a single-source provider.

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