D2 card

Truck Stop Card Solution

Save Money, it only makes sense.
At truck stops, for your whole or partial “diesel” fleet.
impac d2 advantage fuel card

Who, what, where?

The impac, D2 Advantage Fleet Fuel Card, is designed for diesel trucking fleets or fleets that have a portion of their vehicles that need to use truck stops. This unique card allows you to fuel at over 2,000 major truck stops including Loves, Pilot/Flying J and many others nationwide.  Don’t get tied down to one brand, feel free to use them all!  Our D2 Advantage Fleet Fuel Card can be used for diesel purchases at truck stops and travel centers throughout the country.


Imagine what you could do with an extra $0.05* per gallon in saving! Re-invest in your business? Year-end bonuses? Throw an awesome Christmas party? With our D2 Advantage Fleet Fuel Card program the choice is yours!

* We do not like the asterisk, in fact, if hate is too strong of a word, we strongly dislike it.  The $0.05 per gallon rebate is a goal for each of our D2 Advantage customers.  Your rebate could be higher or lower depending on your fleet make-up, where you fuel, the cost of fuel as well as how the fuel is priced.  If this is the card you choose, impac will closely work with you to monitor your fueling habits and make sure you are taking full advantage of this program.

Manage your fleet with our Online Portal

No other fleet payment solution provides the account and spend control capability that impac's online portal offers. impac utilizes the industry’s most robust and user-friendly fleet management tools. impac's online portal offers the fleet manager more command and control through a secure, web-based fleet management program.

impac's online portal provides total access so you can observe, update, track and manage fleet operations and fleet card accounts. Complete level III data capture gives fleet administrators all the information needed to manage fleet and account activity from the desktop. With impac's online portal, fleet administrators are able to manage fleet operations from any location at any time with the security of an encrypted, online portal.


• Save money at major truck stops
• Perfect for Diesel fleets, including partial fleets, that use major truck stops
• Use your fuel rebate in the way that best fits your business