How is the Fleet Industry Changing in the New Year?-Impac

The fleet industry is constantly changing and transforming. While there is a continued emphasis on safety, the development of big data and an increased utilization of telematics, it is only the beginning of what is to come throughout the new year. 

Through thorough research, current fleet practices are evaluated, and the future of the industry is predicted accordingly. Therefore, it is important fleet owners and managers remain up-to-date with industry changes during the new year. 

The Mobility Revolution  

Many fleet companies express interest in concepts of mobility, such as underutilizing a portion of their vehicles each day for value and economic reasoning. Autonomous vehicles provide a safer and more productive workforce and enable a number of new options for fleets within the industry. 

How is the Fleet Industry Changing in the New Year?-Impac

During the new year, once more drivers become mobile, fleet managers need to listen to their drivers, gather feedback and plan a route for a successful fleet. 

Handling Big Data

As the amount of data available to fleet managers continues to grow due to the abundance of greater technology, fleets are now tasked with the challenge of applying the actionable data to their operations. 

During the new year, it is how fleets handle their big data and direct the data to the appropriate figures in a fleet operation that will determine the strength of that specific company within the industry. 

Safety is the Future

How is the Fleet Industry Changing in the New Year?-Impac

While in-vehicle technology exists, the future of fleet safety in the new year is heavily dependent on the continued development of technology. Telematics is most effective in reducing accidents and recovering real-time fleet data. However, it is important to appropriately implement and utilize the numbers it provides. 

As technology persists to evolve, continued driver education is key to preventing dangerous driving behaviors and creating a greater focus on safety. 

Impac offers both fleet fuel cards and comprehensive GPS tracking and reporting systems–allowing fleet companies to remain up-to-date with changing practices and trends within the industry throughout the new year.

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