For managing a fleet of any size, transparency has become a critical component to achieve fleet success and remain competitive within the market while utilizing the most prestige technology.

With GPS tracking and reporting systems in place, fleet management has the ability to increase visibility into their drivers and fleets while promoting enhanced customer service and safe driver behavior.

Increase Visibility. As GPS systems offer the ability to see the live location of a fleet truck as well as various aspects of driver behavior, a fleet manager can track efficiency, plan routes, and maintain transparency with customers.

Encourage Safety. GPS tracking provides detailed insight into driver behavior, including customizable alerts and violations for harsh breaking, excessive idling, cornering, and acceleration. This insight allows fleet managers to grasp in-depth knowledge about their drivers and proactively managers behaviors through predictive analysis.

Optimize Analytics for Routes. Tracking and reporting systems can provide fleet managers with robust data on route challenges, traffic behavior, driver behaviors and overall route planning. Companies can use this data to plan optimized driving routes and determine where plans need improvement.

GPS systems not only allow a fleet company to best service its customers, but it gives them a competitive edge against its competitors that is extremely valuable in the long run.

Impac offers a cost-effective GPS tracking solution that helps manage critical mobile resources such as vehicles, movable assets and employees–ultimately increasing efficiencies and cutting costs.

Reliable, feature-rich and easy-to-use, the DYNAGIS-GPS tracking and reporting system from Impac offers real-time tracking for both in-vehicle hardware as well as handheld devices of all kinds. At Impac, we strive a complete system with an extensive selection of customizable reports.

To determine a GPS solution for your fleet, contact Impac today.