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Finally, a cost effective GPS tracking solution that works!close up of bus driver driving with gps navigator

Tracking and managing critical mobile resources such as vehicles, movable assets and employees in the field is now at your fingertips.  With fluctuating fuel costs and rising labor expenses, tracking your mobile assets is the only way to increase efficiencies and cut costs.  Reliable, complete and easy-to-use, DYNAGIS-GPS tracking and reporting solutions are the answer.

DYNAGIS-GPS provides a Web-based software solution that offers real-time GPS tracking for both in-vehicle hardware as well as handheld devices of all kinds.  Dynamic, feature-rich live mapping that shows route details, vehicle info, events, alarms and geo-fences are now available to you  anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

DYNAGIS-GPS offers, standard, satellite and hybrid map views of routes, tracks and vehicles.  Vehicle name, direction, start, stop, idle and speed are all available at a glance.  Unlimited landmarks such as your customers, delivery points or job sites are easily added to your maps.  Alarms can be set when a vehicle enters or leaves specific geographical areas.  Alerts can be sent via email, text message or reports.

DYNAGIS-GPS comes complete with an extensive selection of customizable reports.  Detailed activity such as stops, idles, ignition, max speed, average speed, direction and distance are just some of the data that can be reported.  All reports are not only customizable, but you can also create your own reports as well.  All reports can be exported to your favorite format and can even be automatically emailed to multiple recipients at your pre-determined schedule.

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