Card skimming, unauthorized purchases, slippage and misuse are all red flags that impac fleet monitors for their clients 24/7.

Managed Fuel Program

Fuel costs can make up nearly two-thirds of your operating expense. However, when you connect your business with the right fuel card you will optimize fuel used, mitigate fraud and save money.

when you release control to a managed fuel program you may feel a little daunted (intimidated). On the other hand, someone keeping things in line would be nice, wouldn’t it?

impac fleet’s fuel management program offers the most comprehensive tracking and reporting system in the fuel card industry today. Please let us help you with tax exemption, discount processing, online system access, and card level controls.

The impac Solution

Our program is designed around your need for a single-source provider to issue all cards, billing, paying invoices, and customer service.

Let impac Fleets experienced team bring it all together for a complete, comprehensive, and maintenance fleet fuel solution.

Fraud Prevention Tips

You can implement several controls to enforce proper fuel-card usage to prevent theft.

When you establish controls across your entire fleet and for individual drivers to restrict purchase types, dollar as well as number of transactions per day, and purchase hours such controls will help prevent fraud as well as misuse.

Fleet managers and drivers need to consider a few basic fraud prevention tips including:

  • Monitor fuel card accounts. Look for red flags such as unusual out of route charges or odd dollar amounts.
  • If your drivers don’t work weekends then fueling on their days off should not be allowed.
  • If your drivers don’t go to certain states or regions then restrict purchases to only their areas of travel. Your impac fleet customer care professional can set these precaution is a matter of minute for you.
  • Educate drivers about fuel card misuse and fraud consequences. Also educate them about how to look for signs of tampering at the pump including broken seals. If something on the pump looks suspicious don’t use it. Always try to fuel at stations with good lighting and surveillance systems.
  • Require PINs and prompts. Driver should be required to enter a personal ID number (PIN) and be prompted to enter a unit number or other verification data elements before they are allowed to fuel.

The most important thing to keep in mind with fuel card fraud is to do everything you can to prevent it from happening. Be diligent, try to catch problems early, and be ready to take action quickly to avoid costly ramifications.

To ensure a true customized solution, it is important to set the restrictions and controls of the fleet fuel cards that are ideal for the drivers and vehicles that make up a specific fleet. Check out our article “4 Purchase Controls Fleet Fuel Cards Offer“.

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