Simplifying IoT for your construction company

The construction industry is utilizing multiple aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance safety.

In this article, we will touch on topics that can impac your bottom line while describing complex IoT solutions, services, and tools in an easy to understand "simplified" approach.

What is IoT? And how does it relate to construction?

Imagine having all your equipment, material, and personnel connected to a central server that monitors their activity in real-time.

Fleet managers can simplify equipment tracking with automated monitoring of fuel consumption, equipment location, idle time, speed, and operator behaviors.

Envision having control of your equipment, where you can automatically adjust for the perfect grade, placing material more precisely to save valuable time and material.

The Internet of Things or IoT is immense, and not only is it penetrating the construction industry. You will find it in the automotive industry, energy & utilities, healthcare, home automation, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, sports, and retail, to name a few.

An example of the Internet of Things is incorporating Bluetooth® low energy beacons with the Geotab IOX-BT to track assets such as tools, job site inventory, and equipment. 

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When you consider all the possibilities of the connected construction industry, it becomes clear that the only limiting factor is our imagination.

To better help understand the technology, here are a few more examples of innovation in IoT and how implementation improves productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Reduced costs and maintenance

The most popular saving comes with GPS tracking and reducing idle time and fuel consumption.

More advanced systems measure and report fluid temperatures and pressures, engine overload, and various other operational parameters to give you detailed analytical data.

For example, predictive maintenance will help with extending oil changes based on the actual condition of the oil and making repairs only when necessary. 


Avoiding backlogs and reducing unnecessary repetitions with the help of IoT will improve productivity by reducing manual labor and errors on the job site.

Utilizing low energy beacons to track down tools and equipment will add hours to your day to use for more productive tasks.

Safety and security - site monitoring

Theft and safety are two of the biggest challenges on a construction job site. With real-time telematics, workers and managers can predict and prevent situations that lead to safety problems.

Using sensors to track and monitor material, tools, and equipment gives you a complete real-time sitemap 24/7. Knowing where your tools and equipment are at all times can eliminate loss or theft.

Construction workers at work on construction site using an electronic device.

Benefits of IoT in the construction industry

  • Tracking and locating materials and resources using IoT to improve scheduling
  • Wearable tech will enhance safety and health on the job site
  • Enable real-time inspections with IoT for smoother operations
  • Increase revenue and overall quality
  • Reduce paperwork, progress reporting, and record-keeping

Construction workers of the future

Growing trends in technology is a hot topic in the construction industry. Tune into the Peggy Smedley Show as she discusses "Construction Workers of the Future."


Using telematics to track and reduce operating costs, monitor operator behavior, plan preventative maintenance, all lead to a safe and productivity job site.

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