Smart Practices to Increase & Improve Fleet Safety

Smart Practices to Increase & Improve Fleet Safety-Impac Accidents are costly. Although this liability risk is unavoidable with fleets, minimizing the exposure and protecting company assets and drivers is critical for all-around improved fleet safety. Here are a few smart practices for fleets:

Smart Practice #1: Preventative maintenance. Strong maintenance planning in the fleet industry is a preventive track towards improved safety while minimizing company costs and risks. To avoid company downtime and guarantee vehicles and drivers are safe, fleet operators should develop comprehensive maintenance checklists and provide regular inspections to ensure consistent proper function.

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Smart Practice #2: Training programs. Learning and obtaining improved defensive driving techniques through education for fleet drivers can help prevent and avoid accidents. On the market today, there are an array of available courses that can be implemented as part of a new employee training program or as an ongoing series on fleet driver safety.

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Smart Practices to Increase & Improve Fleet Safety-Impac

Smart Practice #3: Monitor driver behavior. Through the utilization of GPS tracking and reporting systems as well as fleet fuel cards, fleet operators can optimally monitor driver behavior. Tracking driver mileage and behavior helps to mitigate unnecessary drive time, increase safety and conserve fuel. GPS systems can accurately detect speeding: a common dangerous behavior that can lead to accidents or citations.

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Impac offers an innovative, easy-to-use GPS tracking and reporting system aimed to increase efficiencies and safety while cutting costs–providing a cost-effective safety solution that works.

In addition, the fleet professionals at Impac offer tracking and reporting fleet fuel cards with flexible point of sale prompting, card level exception reporting and purchase control parameters–allowing fleet managers to manage fuel programs with ease.

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