It is no secret that fleet fuel cards have transformed the fleet industry in many ways. However, to this day, a number of fleet companies fail to implement the technology that is available on the market–like fleet fuel cards and others. 

The Effects of Late Implementation of Fleet Fuel Cards - Impac

Fleet owners do not realize the negative effects that late implementation of fleet fuel cards can have on their business.

If a company is late to the connected-vehicle game, here are three downfalls of late adoption that may persuade a switch:

#1: Wasted Fuel. Fleet companies constantly strive to lower overall fuel costs within their operation. Whether a manager has tried economically-powered vehicles, optimized routes and a strict drier policy, an electronic record is key to accurately track and determine fuel spending. 

Fleet fuel cards provide detailed reports, analyses and real-time alerts when unauthorized behavior may be a possibility. 

#2: Insurance Claims and Rates. When fleet drivers are involved in an accident due to a behavior such as distracted driving, there may be a long-term cost. 

With fleet fuel cards, fleet managers can carefully monitor driver behavior–including speeding and rapid acceleration. This data provided by the cards can help fleet managers reduce the risk of future accidents. 

#3: Maintenance Lag. Proper maintenance is an important component of achieving productive fleet management. With that being said, poorly maintained fleet trucks can drain fleet budgets.

The Effects of Late Implementation of Fleet Fuel Cards - Impac

Fleet fuel cards can help keep all trucks up-to-date through a strict maintenance schedule and alerting fleet managers when diagnostic trouble arise. These cards can also produce comprehensive analyses to eliminate overuse.

Impac offers a fleet fuel card program that are tailored to the unique accounting needs of each fleet company within the industry.

At Impac, our flexible point of sale prompting, card level exception reporting, purchase control parameters and innovative reporting products allow fleet managers to manage their fuel programs with ease.

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