Fleet Card Comparison- Impac

Fleet Card Comparisons

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Fleet Card Comparison- Impac Within a complex, fast-paced industry, a number of fleet fuel card options are available to utilize. Impac offers diverse platforms that suit every company’s customizable needs to provide a cohesive fleet solution.

The Universal Fleet Fuel Card

Impac’s Universal Fleet Fuel Card, exemplary for small businesses, is accepted at all major oil refiner sites and 98 percent of all fuel retailers nationwide, including Kroger, Pilot, Flying J, and Wal-Mart. By allowing drivers to fuel at the most competitively priced locations in their given market, our program can bring cost savings not typically found in other fleet card platforms that have specific fueling options.

The D2 Advantage Fleet Fuel Card

Fleet Card Comparison- Impac

Impac’s D2 Advantage Fleet Fuel Card, recommended for larger businesses, is designed for diesel trucking fleets or fleets that have a portion of their vehicles that need to use truck stops. Impac’s D2 Advantage Fleet Fuel program can be used for diesel-purchase savings at over 2,000 major truck stops, such as Loves and Pilot, throughout the country. If the D2 Advantage Fleet Fuel Card is chosen for a company, we work closely with them to monitor fueling habits to ensure the fuel rebate is compliant with the fleet makeup.

Why Impac?

Convenience is key. Impac strives to ease the fueling process-and the associated finances-of a business. In the industry, there is not another fleet payment solution that provides the account and spend control capability that Impac’s online portal incorporates. With the use of the most robust fleet management tools, our online portal allows managers more command and control through a secure program to better regulate expenses.

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Not sure which option is best for your organization? Impac can help. Contact us today to learn more about our different fleet cards and the benefits they have to offer.



Fleet Fueling Explained

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Fleet fueling is the management method a company uses to fuel their fleet of trucks and cargo. The most common fleet fueling methods include fleet fuel cards, mobile fueling, on-site bulk fuel tanks, cash, and generic credit cards.

Within a fleet-based company, for every dollar earned, approximately 95.2 cents are spent on operating costs. Since the margin of costs versus profits is thin, fleet companies attempt to save money in any area they can, especially within fuel expenses.

Membership to a fleet fuel card can generate annual savings for carriers of any size. Beyond saving money on fuel purchases, a fuel card offers spending control, fleet management, enhanced company communication, fraud control, and savings on other services, like maintenance.

With fleet fuel cards, per-gallon fuel discounts are negotiated between a merchant and a fuel card company, and with each fuel purchase, the fuel card company will reimburse the calculated savings in a consolidated invoice via mail or e-receipt.


Although not every company utilizes fleet fuel cards, more businesses than ever are beginning to use them to easier manage and regulate their fuel expenses. Credit cards are still accepted at the pumps by fleet-based companies, however many benefits, like that of a fleet fuel card, are voided, such as discounts and identifiable fuel theft incidents.

Depending on the size and geographical location of a trucking company, different fleet fueling methods might work more efficiently than others. For example, fleet fuel cards work well for all types of commercial companies, big or small; mobile fueling works best for companies that have local routes; on-site bulk fuel tanks work best for large trucking companies; and using cash or credit cards work best for small trucking companies.

Simplify your fueling on a nationwide basis with Impac

Impac offers strong fuel savings with our options of fleet fuel cards that contain the right blend of discounts and flexibility for a comprehensive fleet and maintenance solution. Contact us today to get started.