How To Prevent Fraud At The Pump-Impac

How to Prevent Fraud at the Pump

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How To Prevent Fraud At The Pump-ImpacAs more fleet fueling businesses are utilizing fleet cards to cut overall fuel expenses and pave the way for smoother operations, the number of drivers who are committing fuel card fraud has increased drastically.

However, by practicing a variety of methods to prevent the fraud prior to its occurrence, it is possible to reduce the number of drivers committing this act:

Restrictions. With fuel cards, spending limits can be implemented to ensure the driver only spends money when they need to. To do this, fuel cards can be set to a daily limit or be pre-funded.

Education. Sometimes, educating drivers on the concept of fuel card fraud and the consequences associated may be helpful in reducing numbers. Not only could performing fraud cost them their job but it is also illegal.

PIN Numbers. If a personal identification number (PIN) is required prior to each fuel purchase, this could reduce the amount of fraud at the pump. In addition, if questionable activity occurs, the fleet manager can seek reports and will know who to talk to.

How To Prevent Fraud At The Pump-Impac

Trip Reports. Fleet managers typically know the fuel efficiency of their fleets. If the amount of money spent does not match the number of miles traveled, that may be a red flag for fuel card fraud. Also, it is important to notice how many times drivers stop within a certain distance.

Logs vs. Receipts. It is important to carefully examine all bills and statements and compare them to fuel receipts–ultimately ensuring all numbers match.

Impac’s fleet fuel card program offers the most comprehensive tracking and reporting system in the industry. We strive to be diligent and proactive when handling our clients’ fleet fuel cards. At Impac, our professionals carefully examine and review all logs and receipts to ensure potential red flags are caught and treated immediately–eliminating costly ramifications for the business.

Contact Impac to learn more about our options of fleet fuel cards and how our program can help your organization prevent fraud at the pump.

Can Tires Save Money-Impac

Can Tires (LRR) Save Money?

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Can Tires Save Money-ImpacThe range of rolling resistance is a considerable factor for tires used in fleet-based companies. Low-rolling resistance (LRR) is the minimum force required to keep a vehicle’s tire rolling at a given speed. Low-rolling resistance tires, also known as fuel-efficiency tires, have been emphasized to not only have a positive impact on the environment, but to save money and fuel.

Occasionally, enhanced technologies require performance trade-offs. Although low-rolling resistance tires can have less tread life than comparable types, lesser longevity can be compromised for fuel savings, which is a top priority for most companies in the industry.

Reduced tread depth creates more tire surface to maintain the weight of the tire supports, which causes the tire to bear less weight on the tread as it contacts the road. Because of this, low-rolling resistance tires have the ability to burn less fuel, therefore saving money. Light-loaded fleets traveling at higher speeds are considered to be the best candidates for LRR tires, and will experience increased fuel efficiency noticeably.

Can Tires Save Money-Impac

According to research, tires with low-rolling resistance deliver a 2 percent annual fuel savings, which results in an overall decrease of 8 percent cost of ownership compared to conventional tires, when the fuel savings are taken into account.

While the percent savings may seem minimal, it will add up in cost savings throughout the years for the company.

LRR tires are an investment that will pay themselves back over time. Want to rack up more fuel savings immediately? An Impac fuel card is designed to help fleet-based companies save on fuel expenses right away, creating a complete and comprehensive fuel and maintenance fleet solution.

Contact Impac today to discuss our options of fleet fuel cards and how they are able to help your organization save on fuel costs.


Fleet Card Advantages-Impac

Fleet Card Advantages

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Fleet Card Advantages-Imapc In today’s competitive marketplace, identifying ways to reduce expenses and maximize productivity are crucial components of a business’ success. For many companies, fuel can be one of the most overlooked expenses, however the use of fleet cards is becoming an effective solution to analyze this matter.

Fleet cards pose as management tools that allow business owners to control fuel expenses initiated by their employees. These credit cards’ capabilities can help a company with as few as two vehicles achieve a fair percent savings in fuel expenditures within the first year of implementation.

Fleet cards offer companies detailed reporting on a cardholder’s purchase history that a typical gas card does not provide. An automatic single invoice, e-receipt based, eliminates time wasted on organizing reimbursement checks. Additionally, the cards can reveal useful information about employees, like underperforming vehicles.

Fleet Card Advantages-Impac

Fleet cards can habilitate cost-control restrictions, imposed by a business owner, resulting in fuel theft control and the prevention of unauthorized behavior. A set of restrictions can be unique to each driver and any questionable activity, such as purchasing after-hours, can be addressed or rectified immediately.

Fleet cards also offer employee support to ensure drivers are not expected to use their own money for work expenses, reducing the worries associated with tracking receipts and reimbursements – ultimately, liberating smoother operations for the business.

Impac provides the most comprehensive tracking and reporting fleet card program in the industry today. Our cards are tailored to meet a company’s specific needs, aiding them in tax exemption, discount processing, online system access, and card level purchase controls.

Contact Impac today to further discuss the advantages of fleet cards and how our program can be of benefit to your organization.