Fleet Management Explained-Impac

Fleet Management Explained

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Fleet Management Explained-ImpacFor a fleet manager new to the industry or looking to expand their current services, understanding the ins and outs of fleet management is the first step in optimizing costs, risks and efficiency within fleet operations.

Many fleet organizations rely on fleet management tactics–typically serviced by the fleet manager–to control company costs, maximize profitability, and mitigate risks of their fleet vehicles. Here a few ways effective fleet management can influence the overall success rate of the fleet:

Vehicle Safety – To reduce distracted driving and decrease the amount of injury claims within a fleet, implementing a reliable GPS system tool can provide safe road routing and signs of needed vehicle maintenance.

Operational Efficiency – When it comes to vehicle and asset utilization, GPS tracking systems as an effective management tool. Fleet businesses are able then to know when a truck arrives at its destination.

Driver Regulation – Implementing a GPS tracking and report system into daily operations can detect unauthorized driver behavior like vehicle idling. Fleet Management Explained-Impac

Fuel Management – Fleet managers can help eliminate drivers from abusing company fuel spend through fuel fleet cards. These cards can be integrated with GPS systems to match fuel purchases with real-time vehicle locations–verifying fuel usage.

Impac offers both a comprehensive fleet fuel card program and a cost-effective GPS tracking solution to allow improved fleet management within companies of any size in the industry.

At Impac, our fleet cards provide online system access and purchase controls to prevent criminal behaviors like fuel theft. In addition, these cards will save time wasted on rummaging through purchase receipts–ultimately allowing a shift of focus to company profitability. Our GPS systems are convenient through its web-based software that offers real-time tracking for both in-vehicle hardware as well as handheld devices of all kinds.

Call us today to learn more about how we can improve your fleet management.

The Benefits Of Geofencing-Impac

The Benefits of Geofencing

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The Benefits Of Geofencing-Impac A geofence is considered to be virtual boundary that defines a specified area and route on a map. Geofencing is one of the modern and progressive technologies aimed to simplify and improve fleet management.

When geofencing is utilized as a form of fleet GPS tracking, a number of benefits are provided for users and managers within the industry.

Fuel Theft Prevention – Geofencing provides in-depth insight into fleet operations–allowing managers to identify and prevent fuel theft. If a truck exits a geofence during a time period, managers take quickly act.

Proper Use of Assets – Geofencing helps fleet managers detect unauthorized idling and the usage of diverse routes of their fleets. Ensuring proper asset use helps fleet companies save money.

Greater Safety – With access to real-time locations of fleets and assets, emergencies can be monitored effectively and immediately be located in case action must be taken.  

The Benefits Of Geofencing-Impac

Increased Efficiency – Geofencing allows fleet managers to verify their drivers are following optimized routes and spending their time wisely–ultimately saving the entire company wasted time and money. In addition, geofencing improves driver-to-manager communication through automatic alerts.

Influences Improvement – Over time, geofencing can accumulate valuable data–such as driver performance trends–that can be used to improve the fleet company in the future.

Impac’s DYNAGIS-GPS tracking and reporting solutions provide a web-based software that offers real-time GPS tracking for fleets anywhere in the world during all hours of the day. The innovative, reliable tracking system offers customizable alarms and alerts via email or text when a truck enters or leaves a specific geographical area.

With an extensive selection of reports available, the DYNAGIS-GPA is aimed to increase industry efficiencies and cut labor expenses. Contact Impac today to learn how our GPS system can benefit your organization!