Fleet Card For Non-Fuel Purchases-Impac Fleet fuel cards have become a powerful management tool that offer fleet-based companies the opportunity to control and manage fuel expenses instated by their employees. Unlike credit cards, fleet cards provide in-depth transaction data, and more granular purchasing controls to help minimize abuse and inappropriate spending.

While it is possible–and acceptable in some cases–to use fleet cards for non-fuel purchases, it is important for business owners to decide in advance how drivers should–and should not–use their cards to ensure time and money savings. Fleet card networks, like Impac, organize data by grouping like products separated by type, which a business owner has the ability to customize.

Firm rules take the employee guesswork out of fueling and help them stay informed on all proper guidelines, such as: what products or services can be bought with the card, spending limits, and the duration of hours in which the card can be used. Fleet managers must communicate rules and guidelines well to their employees to prevent confusion, avoiding unnecessary spending or fraud. Research shows that company costs can decrease significantly by simply informing drivers that there is open visibility to their purchases.

Fleet Card For Non-Fuel Purchases-Impac

Impac’s fleet fuel cards grant business owners and fleet managers easy access to summary reports of drivers’ buying habits to better identify odd spending patterns, reiterating the flexible nature of the card. Business owners can set a limit on our fleet cards for fuel purchases only–to disregard paying for every cup of coffee–or block purchases individually by the number of transactions in one day.

Impac combines exquisite customer service and unique card program solutions to create the perfect product for your company’s needs. Contact us today and learn more about our fleet fuel card programs.