The Benefits Of Geofencing-Impac A geofence is considered to be virtual boundary that defines a specified area and route on a map. Geofencing is one of the modern and progressive technologies aimed to simplify and improve fleet management.

When geofencing is utilized as a form of fleet GPS tracking, a number of benefits are provided for users and managers within the industry.

Fuel Theft Prevention – Geofencing provides in-depth insight into fleet operations–allowing managers to identify and prevent fuel theft. If a truck exits a geofence during a time period, managers take quickly act.

Proper Use of Assets – Geofencing helps fleet managers detect unauthorized idling and the usage of diverse routes of their fleets. Ensuring proper asset use helps fleet companies save money.

Greater Safety – With access to real-time locations of fleets and assets, emergencies can be monitored effectively and immediately be located in case action must be taken.  

The Benefits Of Geofencing-Impac

Increased Efficiency – Geofencing allows fleet managers to verify their drivers are following optimized routes and spending their time wisely–ultimately saving the entire company wasted time and money. In addition, geofencing improves driver-to-manager communication through automatic alerts.

Influences Improvement – Over time, geofencing can accumulate valuable data–such as driver performance trends–that can be used to improve the fleet company in the future.

Impac’s DYNAGIS-GPS tracking and reporting solutions provide a web-based software that offers real-time GPS tracking for fleets anywhere in the world during all hours of the day. The innovative, reliable tracking system offers customizable alarms and alerts via email or text when a truck enters or leaves a specific geographical area.

With an extensive selection of reports available, the DYNAGIS-GPA is aimed to increase industry efficiencies and cut labor expenses. Contact Impac today to learn how our GPS system can benefit your organization!