universal card

Universal Card Solution

Take the guesswork out of it for your drivers.
Make your accounting department happy again.
Let your fleet manager fall in love with instant alerts.

impac universal fuel card

Let your drivers focus on their job - and save the company money

Our Universal Fleet Fuel Card can be used just about any retail site across the country.  There is nothing more frustrating than pulling up to a station and a card being declined.  With 98% of all stations taking our Universal Fleet Fuel Card, it takes the guesswork out of it for your drivers and lets them fuel better and focus on their main job.

Help your drivers help you!  It has never been easier to pay $0.20 per gallon too much.  There are apps to help you find inexpensive fuel, but you can often just use your eyes.  Stations from one corner to the next may or may not care about price wars.  Equip your drivers with an easy to use card where they can fill up at the least expensive stations.

Save your accountants some time - they deserve a break

Accountants are great people – that’s why we are always looking for ways to make their job easier and save them time.  Let us help them GL code, easily pull IFTA reports, view your fuel bill in excel or even an easy to read PDF.  Let our account setup experts listen to your accounting needs.  Our tailored solution will ensure your accountants receive the reports they need to make their job easier.

Instant alerts are a favorite of Fleet Managers

Should your drivers be fueling before or after typical work hours or certain days of the week?  Stop waiting for your billing reports to find out.  We can always set your fleet fuel cards to limit things things, but yes, it gets even better - we can send you texts or emails real time to give your fleet managers the real-time insight they need to help manage your company’s fleet fuel cards.  Our automated system will instantly alert your fleet manager to questionable things as they happen 24/7.

Manage your fleet with our Online Portal

No other fleet payment solution provides the account and spend control capability that impac's online portal offers. impac utilizes the industry’s most robust and user-friendly fleet management tools. impac's online portal offers the fleet manager more command and control through a secure, web-based fleet management program.

impac's online portal provides total access so you can observe, update, track and manage fleet operations and fleet card accounts. Complete level III data capture gives fleet administrators all the information needed to manage fleet and account activity from the desktop. With impac's online portal, fleet administrators are able to manage fleet operations from any location at any time with the security of an encrypted, online portal.


Do you need a fleet fuel card that works at just about any station across the country – do you need a card that is easy for your drivers? The impac Universal fleet fuel card is accepted at 98% of all fuel retailers nationwide including sites where even MasterCard is not accepted. Sites include all the Major Oil Refiner sites (Exxon, Shell, Chevron, BP, Sunoco, Phillips 66, etc.) plus well-known retailers (Wal-Mart, Kroger, Sheetz, SuperAmerica, Pantry, Pilot, Flying J and QuikTrip, etc). This system was originally developed for the US Post Office and has 100% Level III data collection at sites in every zip code in the country. By allowing drivers to fuel at the most competitively priced locations, wherever they may be, our program can bring cost savings not typically found in other fleet card platforms that have limited or brand specific fueling options.