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Due to fluctuating fuel costs in the market today, fleet companies are constantly seeking innovative methods to reduce fuel expenses while improving overall business operations. Telematics data has become a popular way for fleet companies to improve and impact their bottom line. Fleet telematics not only tracks and reports driver behaviors, but they can be […]
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A rising and recurring issue with fleets has been fuel theft. Fuel theft can cost fleet companies significant amounts of money. However, fleet companies can become educated and aware of the fuel theft efforts that may occur within their operations to prevent such costs. The three components that fall under the fuel theft umbrella include […]
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Accidents are costly. Although this liability risk is unavoidable with fleets, minimizing the exposure and protecting company assets and drivers is critical for all-around improved fleet safety. Here are a few smart practices for fleets: Smart Practice #1: Preventative maintenance. Strong maintenance planning in the fleet industry is a preventive track towards improved safety while […]
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As the weather changes throughout fall into winter, the hazardous conditions of the roads pose a greater risk for accidents. Because of this, it is important for fleet companies to remain proactive and ensure all of their trucks are properly equipped for complied performance.  1. Use winterized fuel. To avoid the refusal of trucks from starting […]
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