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Leading-edge reporting and comprehensive online management tools allow fleet managers to control, analyze and monitor driver purchases.

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For fleet drivers riding solo when traveling, boredom can become a minor setback–eventually leading to drowsiness.  Because the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration suggests fatigue to be the cause of over 20,000 fleet accidents per year, it is important for fleet drivers to find safe and distraction-free methods to stay entertained and focused while on […]
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Although there are many fleet fuel cards to choose from, universal cards offer many benefits for fleet businesses within the industry.  Price fuels vary by gas station. However, possessing the knowledge about which stations offer the best prices and directing drivers to fuel at those fuel locations can lower overall operational costs. Universal fleet cards […]
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The fleet industry is constantly changing and transforming. While there is a continued emphasis on safety, the development of big data and an increased utilization of telematics, it is only the beginning of what is to come throughout the new year.  Through thorough research, current fleet practices are evaluated, and the future of the industry […]
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For managing a fleet of any size, transparency has become a critical component to achieve fleet success and remain competitive within the market while utilizing the most prestige technology. With GPS tracking and reporting systems in place, fleet management has the ability to increase visibility into their drivers and fleets while promoting enhanced customer service […]
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