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In this article I will explain 3 types of fleet tracking systems. Cellular, wireless passive and satellite. Some of the main features that the modern Fleet Manager is taking advantage of by utilizing a fleet tracking system are: route optimization, increased productivity, driver and vehicle safety and time management. Cellular Cellular and hand-held tracking devices […]
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SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 (HOUSTON) – Fleetcard Inc. dba impac Fleet, an expert source on fleet fuel card solutions, is proud to announce they have blazed their way to #63 for the Houston-area private companies with the fastest revenue growth between fiscal year 2016 to 2018. The impac team is customer service oriented and we work […]
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How to create an energy explosion and take your energy to the next level and Replenish Your Emotional Energy. A major challenge Fleet Managers face today is not having enough energy and drive. They are tired during the day, have a hard time waking up in the morning and feel sluggish. Before we dive in, […]
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A locally-operated delivery company, a mid-sized drill rig operation or a large nationally operated trucking company or somewhere in-between are all considered fleets, and the type and size will determine how you proceed with the establishment of your fleet management program. In this article we want to walk you through a few of the basics […]
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